Since Ray got his first bike at the age of 5, he’s been absolutely hooked on anything with 2 wheels. That passion carried into his teens, when Ray began fixing and tuning friends and family’s bikes, and then as an adult when he began building custom, handmade race bikes. Ray then worked 15 years at a bicycle shop, helping cyclists, improving bikes, and developing a true sense of quality customer service.


Chip is a parrotlet, a member of the smallest of New World parrot species. Don’t let his size fool you, there’s a reason Chip’s on the BicycleRay logo. He’s the face of this organization. Chip hangs out in the BicycleRay workshop, perched in the wheel wells of bikes and ensuring that Ray performs every job to your specification. You could call him the brains of the operation.


In May 2013, BicycleRay was born out of a lifetime of passion and experience for cycling and helping people. Since then, Ray has been providing a service and convenience that did not exist in this area - mobile bicycle repair.


  • "Convenience, service, knowledge, and he fixed it right. No more problems and he saved me a trip!"

    John A.
  • "Ray does fantastic work. His attention to detail is beyond anything I have seen from any other bike shop. My bike runs smoother than it did brand new. I highly recommend his work."

    Alex P.
  • "I took my road bike to Ray's to get a tune up and get new tires and replace my seat. My bike was done in less than 2 days. His tune ups are the best I have had on my bike! He does a great job! Thank you Ray."

    Kerrie M.
  • "Because Ray is detail oriented, he catches bike issues before they are issues. I have grown to trust his judgement 100%"

    Montie Milner
  • BicycleRay provides one of a kind service and technical expertise at value pricing and it just so happens it comes to you! I will never use any other bike shop again!

    Bob S.
  • I love the convenience and expertise of this top notch service at reasonable cost. Our family has multiple bikes and having them looked after at once saves us valuable time. I strongly recommend this service.

    Franz W.


What are the benefits of mobile repair?

Years of working in a bike shop has taught Ray that the bike repair process is never a convenient one.
    • Bikes fit awkwardly in cars (or not at all) and can create greasy messes.
    • A bike might be your only form of transportation, leaving you stranded.
    • Forget about bothering that friend with a pickup truck.
    • No shelling out for a taxi or riding the bus!

What are Bicycleray’s credentials?

  • BicycleRay is licensed and insured in the State of Nevada.

How long does a repair take?

  • Mobile repair jobs are usually finished on site, same day, and in less than an hour. Advanced tune ups and assembly jobs can take 1-3 days.

What if I need to order special parts?

Bicycleray will take care of any special parts orders. Special orders typically arrive within 1-3 days.

Where does my bike gets fixed?

Wherever it’s broken! With exception for advanced repairs and overhauls, all Bicycleray mobile repairs are done on site and to your specifications and requests.


Get your bike back on the road.

BicycleRay has no true hours of operation, but we’re most ready to handle your inquiries between the hours of 9am - 7pm. Emergency hour requests are certainly considered.

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